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Build on what you have achieved already, and take that next step to a stronger more confident YOU!
Do You ...
  • Want to keep building on the momentum you have started?
  • ​Want to be confident the workouts will help and not harm? 
  • ​Want a variety of workouts - From Barre to Weights, Core to Mobility and everything in between?
  • ​Want workout calendars to follow - which are designed for YOUR stage of functionality and fitness
  • ​Want workouts you can fit into your day - 10 min, 20 min or 30 min workouts
  • ​Want new workouts to try every week - so you don't get bored!
If you answered YES to any of these then CONFIDENT FITNESS 4 MOMS  is for you.
Sound familiar?
  • You have worked hard on your diastasis or pelvic floor but now scared to go back to traditional workouts ...
  • ​You spend more time searching for the perfect plan than you do actually taking action...
  • ​You lack motivation to modify every workout and just want to be told what to do ...
  • ​You just want a variety of workouts so working out is fun again ...

What if you knew the workouts were safe? 
What if you were provided with workout calendars that were right for you?
This is not just another place to stream workout videos!

Circle Fitness 4 Moms is like having your workouts choosen for you, based on your level of recovery AND what you enjoy! 
What do you get with your subscription?
A variety of Workouts
You can chose from Core workouts to weights workouts, Mobility workouts to Barre and everything inbetween. 

New workouts every week
Most weeks there will be 2 new workouts added, these will be tagged into the relevant areas of the site

Workout Calendars
Want to follow a plan - there are a variety of workout calendars to follow. More are added each month.

Note sure where to start - let me do the work for you by taking an assessment and begin recommended relevant workout calendars for you.

With Confident Fitness 4 Moms you will never be bored or worried if an exercise is right for you! 
Your Questions Answered...
What happens if I haven't worked on my diastasis or pelvic floor issues yet?
Then this isn't for you YET, I suggest looking at the Circle of Confidence or one of my other programs first (program options), all the workouts in Confident Fitness 4 Moms assumes you have completed some pelvic floor or diastasis work postpartum - either one of my programs, with a pelvic floor PT or another similar program.
NOTE, the Circle of Confidence gives you access to all my programs
But I have completed Strong Mom - is this still relevant for me?
YES! If you want more workouts and different types of workouts there are plenty here for you in Confident Fitness 4 Moms with Advanced calendars to follow.
Do I need access to the internet?
YES. The program and all the videos are accessed via a membership site on the internet. 
Will this help my diastasis and pelvic floor even if it has been a long time since I had my child/children?
Absolutely! Building core strength, improving posture and reducing bloating is appropriate for any stage post pregnancy. There are specific pelvic floor and deep core workouts HOWEVER they do all assume you have done the foundational work first - so if you haven't worked on it yet please look into my other programs or the Circle of Confidence.
Can I do the workouts at home?
Yes, they are all at home based workouts, however you will need to get some equipment
What equipment do I need?
There are a variety of workouts, many without the need of any equipment. However, many of the workouts require equipment, here is a list of equipment I use:
✅ Dumbbells (light, medium and heavy)
✅ Long bands that attach to a door
✅ Loop bands - ones that go around your legs or ankles
✅ Pilates ball - however you can also use a rolled up towel or a kids bouncy ball (around the size of a soccer ball)
✅ Foam roller
Remember you don't need everything at once and I often give alternatives for equipment with things you can find around the house.
 Can I do this while pregnant?
You can - however if you haven't been exercising prior to pregnancy (and throughout) I would recommend going to one of my other programs or the Circle of Confidence so that you have my support to help you modify the exercises as needed.
 How do I get access to the membership site? 
After you purchase you will be sent an email with the site link and your login details - make sure you look for an email from support@katrinaoakley.com it should be with you within 30 mins of your purchase - if you don't see it check your spam/promotions folder or do a search for my email address - make sure you pull my email into your inbox so you get any updates.
 What happens if I cancel my subscription? 
You can cancel your subscription at any time. I will be sad to see you go, but you will have access till your subscription runs out and then I will remove your access from the membership site. If you decide to come back at a later date then you will need to pay the current membership rate, you will not go back to your current sign-up rate.
 What happens if I want to join the Circle of Confidence instead at a later date? 
That is fine - when the Circle of Confidence opens next simply cancel your Confidence fitness 4 Moms subscription and join the Circle - you will get access to the Confident Fitness for Moms site as part of your Circle membership
 I have more questions? 
Email them to me at: support@katrinaoakley.com
Join Now and gain Confidence in your Body and your Workouts
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